Tri-State Productions Goes the Distance with TiniFiber®

National A/V Production Company Users Micro Armor Fiber™ to Provide Superior HD Video Solutions to Clients!

Tri-State Productions is one of the nation’s most diverse production companies. Specializing in live event A/V recording and streaming, the company provides forward-thinking solutions for concerts, corporate events, educational institutions and more. When providing HD multi-camera video production services, Tri-State’s key goal is always to capture the moment while keeping a low profile. To that end, Founder and President Jeff Perholtz uses state-of-the-art robotic camera systems combined with micro-fiber optic cabling to achieve his desired result.

“The old way of doing things was to run two strands of CAT5 cables, but there were always problems with dropouts and circuit overload,” said Perholtz. “These issues don’t occur with Micro Armor Fiber™. You can get a pretty far distance without having lots of static and interference.”

Perholtz first discovered Tinifiber while researching cabling options on eBay. He contacted the company directly to request a sample and then proceeded to run a number of preliminary tests to make sure the solution was up to the job.

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