Data Center World Global 2017

Thanks for spending time with TiniFiber® at Data Center World Global 2017.

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If our team didn’t have the pleasure of meeting with you at booth 1150, here is a recap of the various discussions.  We had interested visitors from around the world, from as close as the host city Los Angeles to as far away as Japan and Australia.

All attendees of the show received a branded TiniFiber sample tube in their DCW bag containing (4) Micro Armor Fiber cable types.  Those that did not receive a bag, were able to pick up this unique sample tube at our booth.  This will allow them to take the samples of Micro Armor Fiber back home, and share it with their colleagues so they too can experience the Micro Armor Fiber difference in person.   If you did not attend the show and would like to receive a sample tube please contact us at

We showed the powerful, in-person comparison of Micro Armor Fiber vs. (AIA) Aluminum Interlocking Armor.   We displayed (2) 250 foot (OS2 6-Strand Yellow) cable reels,  AIA vs. Micro Armor Fiber…what a difference.  Our booth visitors were very impressed by this size comparison, as one visitor said it was, “Simply Amazing.”   When you see it in person (or in photos) you really get a sense of the impact our ground-breaking product will have on the industry, the size difference is staggering.  Below is the side by side comparison we published several months ago, appropriately called “The Reel Comparison.”

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We also showed visitors various sample pieces of AIA compared to our smaller and more flexible cables.  We let them hold it in their hands, bend it, flex it, examine it, etc.  What amazed everyone was the size and flexibility of our armored cables.   Our visitors were especially interested in the incredible bend radius of the armored stainless steel tube coil.  We pointed out that our armored solution was so unique that it has a U.S. Patent, and that we are the only company offering this product in the market.

When our Data Center World visitors were able to see and feel the 2 types of armored fiber cables side by side they seemed to have many “aha moments,” and the differences between Micro Armor Fiber and Aluminum Interlocking Armor became very apparent.  We explained that our Micro Armor Fiber is in fact more durable than AIA due to it being constructed of a tightly wound stainless steel coil.  One excited visitor explained that for outdoor use and direct burial applications the #1 issue affecting their connectivity was rodent damage.  We explained to this person that one important attribute of Micro Armor Fiber is that it is rodent resistant, something that we take very seriously.  After all, this has major implications for our FTTH applications and this was taken into consideration when Micro Armor Fiber was originally developed.

We were asked about how our cables are terminated and what options and connectors are available to use in various applications.  We explained that our cables can be terminated with standard LC connectors as well as various other common industry standards.   We showed visitors our very popular armored Duplex Patch Cords – Single Tube for transmitting (TX) and receiving (RX).  These are half the size of conventional patch cords, which was very well received by the attendees.  We explained that while we are a bulk cable manufacture, we do offer customization and that any of our reel sizes can be pre-terminated to specification.  Many visitors asked about fiber counts, and which were most common.  We explained that Micro Armor Fiber is available in up to as many as 144 strands, but that 6, 12, 24, and 48 strand cables were most common and that our cables are available in Multimode and Singlemode.

The headline of DCW global 2017 was “Data, Automation, Scale: Building and Managing the Data Center of the Future.” To quote the show’s website, “Data Center and IT Infrastructure professionals are facing pressures from the C-suite to gain efficiency, add resiliency and become ever more agile – and with greater security.”  This is why we believe our product was received so enthusiastically by so many of the attendees.  As they came by our booth and had a chance to discuss their needs with us, we noticed they were all impressed by one thing across the board; the universal functionality of Micro Armor Fiber.   From a tangible reduction in cable mass and improved space optimization, to the overall future proofing characteristics of our armored solution; the benefits of a smaller, lighter yet flexible and durable fiber optic cable were very apparent.

If you didn’t have a chance to meet with the team from TiniFiber you can request a sample pack, sample tube, and our press kit by emailing or calling (631) 756-2626 opt. 2.

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