The NFL selects Micro Armor Fiber® for its Durability, Flexibility and Reliability.

PHILADELPHIA, PA.  APRIL 28, 2017 – TiniFiber®, http://www.TiniFiber.com has confirmed that this year’s NFL Draft event used an extraordinary amount of fiber optic cables to connect all the elements of the seamless production.  Under tremendous data and bandwidth demands from media and attendees, as well as a hybrid of indoor and outdoor activity, the NFL called on TiniFiber’s Micro Armor Fiber to deliver reliable transmission under these intense conditions in a cost effective way.  Because of Micro Armor Fiber’s significantly smaller size and lighter weight than typical AIA fiber, the reduction in manpower and time required to install and setup the production was an important factor.   In addition, the reduced size of Micro Armor Fiber allows it to stay ‘behind the scenes’ where fiber optic cables belong in such a production.  TiniFiber has been the cable of choice for many recent high profile NFL events, including the Superbowl for the last several years.







Micro Armored Fiber™

TiniFiber® Micro Armor Fiber™ is a ground-breaking, U.S. Patented stainless-steel armored fiber optic cable that has approximately the same outer diameter as conventional non-armored fiber cables.  TiniFiber’s revolutionary development of Micro Armor Fiber addresses both the armor and non-armor cable markets in a single solution.  This solution offers considerable advantages over the traditional AIA widely used today, and it substantially lowers the cost associated with installation time, labor, warehousing, and shipping while adding superior durability and unmatched flexibility.

About TiniFiber®

TiniFiber (www.tinifiber.com) is fast becoming recognized as a leader in the fiber optic cable market.  TiniFiber is a U.S. based engineering manufacturer that leads by example and delivers an innovative “all-in-one” solution to expand the end-user’s possibilities.  The company measures success through a balanced development of multi-channel platforms and product applications.

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