Ground Breaking, Award-Winning and U.S. Patented Micro Armor Fiber™ at TiniFiber® Booth 1150 

 LOS ANGELES, CA, March 29, 2017 – TiniFiber®, http://www.TiniFiber.com is excited to announce that it will exhibit their portfolio of U.S. Patented Micro Armor Fiber™ cables and more during the Data Center World Global 2017 Conference.  The award-winning armored fiber products will be on display at the TiniFiber booth (#1150) in the Los Angeles Convention Center from April 5-6, 2017.


“Bandwidth requirements are increasing more rapidly within data centers than anywhere else,” notes Roman Krawczyk, Chief Engineer and Co-Inventor of TiniFiber.  He continues, “Being able to effectively manage a data center’s physical layer is crucial and has a significant impact on airflow management, cooling and overall PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness).” Data centers around the world have been migrating to fiber.  Forward thinking data center design has to incorporate space management considerations within channels and pathways in anticipation of upgrade cycles, and the effect this has on data transmission reliability.  If cabling becomes compromised there can be serious consequences resulting in maintenance, downtime and possible loss of data.  The impact of cloud services, virtualization and exponential growth in data demand continue to put pressure on data center performance.

Micro Armor Fiber is a U.S. Patented solution designed as the smallest, lightest, most durable and flexible armored fiber optic cable in the market.   Implementing TiniFiber into a data center ecosystem truly allows for a reduction in cable mass which directly affects network congestion and pathway cabling concerns.   Micro Armor Fiber combines the strength of traditional aluminum interlocking armored (AIA) cables and the size of conventional jackets into one (1) powerful solution.  How is this achieved?  Micro Armor Fiber features a stainless steel tube coiled protection around the inner jacket of the fiber optic cable.  Roman Krawczyk explains that, “This is accomplished by the proprietary ‘Micro Armor Machinery’ designed to tightly wind the stainless steel coil around the fiber strands resulting in the smallest Outer Diameter (OD) of any armored fiber cable in the market.”   This means one doesn’t have to sacrifice size and flexibility to benefit from the protection and security of an armored cable.  These attributes, which are patented and unique to TiniFiber’s flagship product, support the company’s assertion that Micro Armor Fiber is truly a future proof solution.


The impact Micro Armor Fiber will have on data center performance should not be underestimated.  As cloud computing growth is expected to soar into the stratosphere, representing over 90% of total data center traffic by 2020, the reliability of a network’s infrastructure will be under immense pressure while power usage and efficiency will be equally strained.  In addition, demands on pathway space will continue to grow as bandwidth and data rate requirements increase.  Having a durable armored fiber optic cable with the smallest possible footprint is critical to achieving a cost effective strategy to the ongoing upgrade cycle within a data center’s infrastructure and overall ecosystem.


“Our best-in-class armored fiber optic solutions are designed to meet the continually growing needs of Data Centers, large enterprises, IT, DAS communication networks, PONS/GPONS applications, security and government agencies that require a quality fiber optic cable ready for future upgrades,” states Christian A. Peterson III, CEO of TiniFiber.  He continues, “Our Micro Armor Fiber core cable offers unmatched bandwidth potential from 1 to 144 strands for both single and multimode usage.  We encourage everyone to come see the products for themselves at Data Center World Global 2017, booth 1150.”


Micro Armored Fiber™ – The Only Fiber Optic Cable You Will Ever Need

TiniFiber® Micro Armor Fiber™ is a ground-breaking, U.S. Patented stainless-steel armored fiber optic cable that has approximately the same outer diameter as conventional non-armored fiber cables.  “TiniFiber’s revolutionary development of Micro Armor Fiber addresses both the armor and non-armor cable markets in a single solution,” states Barry Skolnick, co-inventor and Chief Operating Officer.  This solution offers considerable advantages over the traditional AIA widely used today, and it substantially lowers the cost associated with installation time, labor, warehousing, and shipping while adding superior durability and unmatched flexibility.


About TiniFiber®

TiniFiber (www.tinifiber.com) is fast becoming recognized as a leader in the fiber optic cable market.  TiniFiber is a U.S. based engineering manufacturer that leads by example and delivers an innovative “all-in-one” solution to expand the end-user’s possibilities.  The company measures success through a balanced development of multi-channel platforms and product applications.


Be sure to visit TiniFiber’s booth (#1150) during Data Center World Global 2017, April 5-6, 2017.  For additional information on TiniFiber’s products and services, please visit www.tinifiber.com.


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For further information contact: Roman Krawczyk, Roman@tinifiber.com; Christian A. Peterson III, Chris@tinifiber.com; Investor Relations – Barry Skolnick, Barry@tinifiber.com; Press & Media Relations – Matt Salaverry, Matt@tinifiber.com