Roman Krawczyk, CTO of TiniFiber® Discusses Armored Duplex Patch Cord Solutions for Data Centers

Roman Krawczyk, CTO and Co-inventor of TiniFiber® discusses Micro Armor Fiber™ Armored Patch Cords and MTP Cable applications in Data Centers.


Armored MTP Cables for Data Centers



TiniFiber® Duplex Armored Patch Cords  are half the size of conventional patch cords.  They address space considerations within a data center as well as providing a durable armored solution.

Armored Duplex Fiber Optic Patch Cables

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TiniFiber® Armored Patch Cords and MTP Cables

Addressing High-Density Congestion and Fiber Optic Cable Vulnerability in Data Centers

Patch cords are known to be a frequent point of failure of network applications within a data center environment.  Patch cords are generally installed at a very high density at the rack or cabinet level which results in cable congestion, space constraints and can limit access to switches.  This often leads to the problem of patch cords getting damaged.

TiniFiber® Duplex Armored Patch Cords address this problem on two levels.  First – they are half the size of conventional patch cords.  Traditional patch cords combine two 3mm jackets connected together – separate cables to send and receive transmissions. TiniFiber Duplex Patch Cords are a single 3mm jacket, which simple math tells you is half the size of the standard.  This results in a significant reduction in cable mass and congestion especially when you take into consideration the high density applications of patch cables in a data center.

Second – not only are they smaller, but these armored patch cords have the Patented Micro Armor Fiber™ stainless steel armored solution built into the cable, making them significantly more durable than traditional patch cables – up to ten times as strong.  In these high-density environments an armored cable solution can be the difference between a successful network and one that is severely compromised.  Though fully armored, they still retain the flexibility required for patch cord applications.  They are able to achieve this unprecedented Armored, Small and Flexible “hat-trick” due to the break-through development of the stainless steel micro armoring tubular coil system (Micro Armor Fiber), a U.S. Patented product only available from TiniFiber.  The delicate glass fiber optic strands housed within the patch cables are continuously susceptible to damage; such as being pinched, crushed, bent to aggressively or having a cabinet or an LIU door close on them.  The Micro Armor Fiber stainless steel armoring provides rugged protection against this potential damage at the rack and cabinet level, where the fiber optic cables and ultimately the networks are most vulnerable. Having this type of security built into the patch system provides data center operators a higher level of confidence in their network cabling and performance.

In summary, TiniFiber’s Micro Armored Patch Cord solution addresses the problem on two levels; it is half the size of traditional patch cords and it is a flexible armored cable with significant added strength and durability.


TiniFiber Also Manufactures An Armored MTP Cable With An Extremely Small Outer Diameter.  

In addition to TiniFiber’s duplex armored patch cords, the company has the capability to manufacture 12-strand MTP cables that are approximately 3mm in diameter.   This is considered very small by industry standards, especially when you take into consideration that these are durable armored cables.  This allows operators to run multi-strand trunks from cabinet to cabinet or rack to rack while imposing a smaller cable footprint by using limited pathway space.  Pathway and support systems space are always at a premium in a data center environment, and a smaller armored MTP cable is an extremely efficient way to address this issue.

For more information about these  Armored Patch Cords and MTP Micro Armor Fiber™ Optic Cable Solutions contact, or call 631.756.2626 Opt. 2.   To see the video of TiniFiber’s CTO discussing the subject, click on this link: TiniFiber Duplex Patch Cord Solutions for Data Centers.