It’s time to take a closer look at your Armored Fiber


TiniFiber® Micro Armor Fiber™ is an innovation in fiber optic cabling that impacts connectivity across many levels.   It is the smallest, lightest, strongest and most flexible armored fiber optic cable in the industry.

The alternative armored fiber option is Aluminum Interlocking Armor or BX Armor, which was developed in the early 70’s.  Though it served its purpose in offering a protective armor around fiber optic cables, it is disproportionately large, heavy, and has limited flexiblity making it difficult to work with, adding time to installations and projects overall.  Back in the 70’s things were certainly different than today in many ways.   Building infrastructure is no exception.   In today’s ultra-connected world there are many more layers of connectivity throughout a building’s infrastructure.  The problem is that many contractors, installers & integrators are still using AIA/BX armor to protect the fiber optic cabling being installed.   The use of AIA/BX armored fiber can be seen as counterproductive by adding unnecessary congestion to pathways and conduits, inhibiting future connectivity and upgrades while limiting access for crucial maintenance and repairs or additional cabling.   In addition, the less flexible AIA/BX armor is delivered on very large and heavy cable reels.  This adds significantly to project costs from the shipping costs and unloading labor to the actual installation of these cables, as it requires more manpower/crew and takes longer to install.  When dealing with smaller core holes, and tight bends the AIA cable become a major issue, as they do not fit nor bend at a tight enough radius.

The attributes of Micro Armor Fiber™ (smaller, lighter, stronger and more flexible) will reduce labor costs, manpower requirements, and installation time, as well as drastically lower shipping and warehousing costs.  It’s time to take a closer look at your Armored Fiber.

Growth in demand for data, storage, video and overall connectivity is expected to soar in the next 5 years and beyond.  And while technology changes and evolves, the buildings and enterprise infrastructures in which connectivity is physically achieved have a fixed and limited amount of space behind the walls and between the floors.   The Micro Armor Fiber solution is the best option for armored fiber optic connectivity as it results in the smallest infrastructure footprint of any armored fiber solution, while providing the strongest level of armored fiber protection.

The use of Micro Armor Fiber results in a 500% increase in pathway capacity, or 6X more fiber connectivity in a typical 2 inch conduit space compared to Aluminum Interlocking Armor.  Correspondingly, it also yields an approximate 80% reduction in cable congestion for the same level of connectivity.   It is also more durable and flexible than AIA.   Whether viewed as a reduction in cable congestion or an increase in capacity, this pathway optimization is an important benefit of the innovative Micro Armor Fiber solution developed by TiniFiber.  It has major implications for the data transmission and connectivity industry, as  demand and overall connected communication will continue to grow exponentially.