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In 2010, Christian A. Peterson III and Barry Skolnick founded CertiCable, Inc. to support the marketplace with finished cable solutions. Projects for “special” fiber optic cable applications and solutions were expanding and becoming a point of differentiation between CertiCable, Inc. and other cable companies. As armored fiber optics applications grew, it became apparent that a solution that featured a smaller Outer Diameter was long overdue. The team went to work on developing an alternative product to the existing Aluminum Interlocking Armor (AIA).

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In 2012, plans went underway to bring to market Micro Armor Fiber™, a fiber optic cable with the world’s smallest armored casing. By developing and designing a stainless steel coiled solution, the company achieved their goals and created a revolutionary fiber optic cable design that included ruggedness, strength and a tighter bend radius than previous armored cables – helping organizations protect the investment of their cabling installations from end to end.

In 2013, TiniFiber® was established as the “Martini” of fiber optic cables and offered the best results for cabling based on space savings, lighter weights, reduced manpower and lower installation costs. Additionally, Micro Armor Fiber™ became an excellent source for patch cords and indoor/outdoor usage.

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Micro Armor Fiber™ by TiniFiber® was launched in 2015 as a patented solution that promises to be “The Only Fiber Optic Cable You Will Ever Need.” The solution is designed for ALL project usages, including data IT, premises, aerial, indoor/outdoor, tight spaces, burial, DAS, Security, Pro A/V and much more.

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