TiniFiber® receives prestigious BICSI Show Stopper award for their world’s smallest 144 strand OS2 fiber optic cabling innovation. The U.S. Patented TiniFiber micro armored fiber optic cable incorporates a stainless-steel coil around the “inner jacket” that provides a tremendous value to the fiber optics industry

FARMINGDALE, NY — February, 2020

TiniFiber® is proud to announce that its US Patented Micro Armored Fiber Optic Cabling Solution was the recipient of the highly respected SHOW STOPPER award at the recent BICSI 2020 Winter Conference and Expo. TiniFiber was awarded “first place” in the copper/fiber category.

The innovative U.S. Patented TiniFiber cabling solution incorporates a stainless-steel coil around the “inner jacket” that provides a tremendous value to the fiber optics industry. According to Barry Skolnick, VP and Partner at TiniFiber, “By armoring the inner jacket, TiniFiber was able to reduce the size by 65% and the weight by 75% compared to Aluminum Interlock Armor (AIA). The stainless-steel coil actually protects the bend radius, virtually making it crush-proof, impervious to harsh environments and vermin-resistant.”

Aluminum Interlock Armor (AIA) has been the standard for the past 40 years. However, AIA has many drawbacks when dealing with bulk reels. It is very heavy. The outer diameter of the AIA armor is extremely large and clogs up conduits. AIA is very rigid and can break the inner glass fiber when stressed. Christian Peterson, CEO of TiniFiber explains, “The diameter of the TiniFiber micro armor is approximately the same size as the outer diameter of conventional fiber. It is perfect for space constraints, reclamation of conduits, pulling through pathways and bends with no issues. The cost savings are huge.” Peterson further clarifies, “By using TiniFiber, you save on additional conduits, it is easier to install, and requires less manpower on the job.”

TiniFiber micro armored patch cords are perfect for Data Centers that are concerned about protecting the fragile glass because Installers can often pull, over bend, crimp, and kink the fiber patch cords during installation of equipment as well as during routine maintenance. Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) systems rely on longer distances of bulk on the project. Many DAS systems are being installed in buildings and stadiums often requiring armored cables to fit through smaller conduits and with tight bends throughout the pathways. Due to its smaller size and lighter weight, TiniFiber micro armored fiber cables are a much better alternative to AIA cables.

About TiniFiber®

TiniFiber is a revolutionary U.S. patented and U.L. approved micro armored fiber optic cable with the smallest outer diameter (OD) and lightest stainless-steel Micro Armor Fiber™ for superior durability, flexibility, bendability, and ruggedness. Crush and rodent resistant, it withstands the harshest environments, and can be used in Ariel, buried and powered cables applications, etc. TiniFiber fits the tightest pathways found in building projects. A variety of multi-strand pre-termination cables are available with MTP/MPO, LC, SC, ST, MU, HDMI (digital signage) etc. to accommodate all installation needs. These cables were designed to lower the installation costs of support systems, pathways and manpower hours.

Corporate headquarters, encompassing executive offices, customer service and manufacturing of TiniFiber are located at 111 Carolyn Street, Farmingdale, New York 11735. For additional information on TiniFiber® and to access an online specifications search guide, visit: www.tinifiber.com or call 1.800.WE.CABLE.