Farmingdale, NY April 7th, 2015

TiniFiber™ is launching the New Micro Armor Fiber® Power Cable.

This plenum-rated “power in the jacket” fiber optic cable is designed for an all-in-one cable solution for security camera connectivity. Using Micro Armor Fiber® (MAF) technology, the outer diameter of this cable is minimized, enabling the most efficient use of space and materials. The cable consists of aramid strands and 12 to 48 multicolored 250 μm fibers packaged in a high performance PVC jacket. TiniFiber can customize the power solution for all projects based on the type of source equipment used, such as mega-pixel cameras, etc.

“TiniFiber provides market-leading technology that minimizes the outer diameter of the Micro Armor by deploying a stainless steel tubular coiling process that adds maximum tensile strength and bend radius with an outer diameter that is similar to conventional fiber optic cable housing. This Micro Armor Fiber core cable offers unparalleled bandwidth potential from 1 to 144 strands for both single and multimode usage,” stated Roman Krawczyk, Chief Technical Officer for TiniFiber’s product line.

Krawczyk continues, “Cost value proposition is something taken very seriously at TiniFiber™. TiniFiber will add value to every project as the defacto “best in class” Micro Armor Fiber® solution. Any security solution can benefit from the installation of TiniFiber into their project. The security industry can have confidence that the system will not fail or be disrupted due to the cable installation.”

About Tinifiber
Tinifiber (www.tinifiber.com) is the world leader in Micro Armor Fiber®. TiniFiber™ is a US-based engineering manufacturer that leads by example in the Fiber Optic Micro Armor Durability Technology market and delivers an innovative “all in one” solution to expand the end-user’s possibilities. The company measures success holistically, through a balanced development of multi-channel platforms and product applications.  The cable is built around the SMALLEST Outer Diameter (OD) stainless steel Micro Armor Fiber® for superior durability, bendability and ruggedness to protect your investment for all Telco, CATV, IT, Security, Government and for all commercial project usages.

Roman Krawczyk

Christian A. Peterson III

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