TiniFiber® Wins 2015 Platinum Level Govies Award from 1105 Media at ISC West Security Show

Leading Government IT Publications Security Products & Security Today Recognize Micro Armor Fiber™ Technology, a Revolutionary Solution that Provides the Strength of Armor at the Size of Conventional Fiber Jackets

Farmingdale, NY April 25th, 2015

Award-SEC_Govies_2015TiniFiber®, the Micro Armor Fiber™ Company, today announced its selection by 1105 Media, publishers of Security Products and Security-Today.com, as the winner of the coveted 2015 “Govies” Government Security Platinum Level Award in the Fiber Optics category.

TiniFiber’s revolutionary development of Micro Armor Fiber™ addresses both the armor and non-armor cable markets in a single solution. This is accomplished by the proprietary “Micro Armor Machinery” designed to tightly wind stainless steel tubular coil around fiber strands. This in turn provides the smallest Outer Diameter (OD) of any armored fiber cable in the market as well as the same OD for current non-armored fiber cables. The solution offers considerable advantages over the conventional Aluminum Interlocking Armor widely used today. TiniFiber’s Micro Armor Fiber™ cable minimally increases the size of the outer diameter of the basic fiber optic cable.

“Our Micro Armor Fiber™ core cable offers unparalleled bandwidth potential from 1 to 144 strands for both single and multimode usage,” stated Christian A. Peterson III, Chief Executive Officer for TiniFiber’s product line. Peterson continues, “We’re focused on providing a best-in-class optic solution for large enterprises, IT, communications, telco, CATV, security and government agencies that are seeking a quality cable for both indoor and outdoor usage. We are honored by 1105 Media’s recognition of TiniFiber’s Micro Armor Fiber™.”

TiniFiber’s Micro Armor Fiber™ technology was reviewed and selected for the 1105 Media’s “Govies” Government Security Awards competition, which recognizes outstanding government security products in a variety of categories, based on criteria such as: Features, Innovation, User Friendliness, Interoperability, Quality, Design, Market Opportunity, Impact in the Security Industry, Technical Advances and Scalability.

“It’s exciting to have the opportunity to honor so many outstanding government security products,” said Ralph C. Jensen, editor-in-chief of Security Products. “Government security is more important than ever, and ISC West is an ideal venue for companies to show off their products to the industry.”

About TiniFiber
TiniFiber® is the world leader in Micro Armor Fiber™. TiniFiber® is a US-based engineering manufacturer that leads by example in the Fiber Optic Micro Armor Durability Technology market and delivers an innovative “all in one” solution to expand the end-user’s possibilities. The company measures success holistically, through a balanced development of multi-channel platforms and product applications.  The cable is built around the SMALLEST Outer Diameter (OD) stainless steel Micro Armor Fiber™ for superior durability, bendability and ruggedness to protect your investment for all Telco, CATV, IT, Security, Government and for all commercial project usages.

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