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For more information on the benefits of using Tinifiber®, contact us at:

Customer Service & Technical Support: 1(800)-396-0142


For more information on the benefits of using Tinifiber®, contact us at:

Customer Service & Technical Support: 1(800)-396-0142


For more information on the benefits of using Tinifiber®, contact us at:

Customer Service & Technical Support: 1(800)-396-0142

How to Choose the Right Supplier of Fiber Optic Cables

December 2022

There are approximately 100 fiber optic cable manufacturing companies in the United States as of 2022. Many companies supply other businesses and residents with cable for various uses. 

However, finding a reputable fiber optic supplier can be difficult with the many options available. Choosing a reliable provider will ensure your cable needs are taken care of efficiently and correctly. 

Continue reading for tips on how to find the best supplier of fiber optic cable in your area today!  


The first step to finding a fiber optics cable supplier is to list each company you’re interested in. Doing so will give you a baseline to make comparisons between each company. Also, detail this list with their location, products, and services. 

After creating a list, you can then begin researching each supplier. Start by looking up each company’s online reviews. Consider each positive and negative comment carefully. 

You can then start eliminating suppliers with the worst ratings. Your list will now be narrowed down to a few top-rated choices. These remaining suppliers will likely give you the best chances of hiring a reputable company. 


Once you’ve narrowed your options, you can further research each company. You will need to contact each company you’re interested in and ask for a reference list. This list will have the contact information of a few of their previous clients. 

The suppliers should have no issues providing you with this information. However, this should be concerning if they hesitate or refuse to give you references. You should likely consider other options to avoid any issues altogether. 

Once you’ve received the list, contact three to five previous customers. Doing so will give you various opinions of the company. 

Explain your interest in working with the fiber optic company. Ask about their overall experience and if they would recommend the company.

You can then ask any other questions you may have. Don’t forget to thank them for their time and suggestions. 

You will now be able to further narrow your options with the information you’ve gathered. Picking the suppliers with the best references will ensure you hire a trustworthy company. 


Fiber optic manufacturing is a complicated business that requires precision and accuracy. Therefore, suppliers must have enough experience for their products to be dependable. Suppliers with defective fiber optics run the risk of endangering their customers. 

Researching each company’s experience level will give you insight into their production techniques. Usually, the more experience a supplier has, the better your chance of avoiding issues. These more experienced companies have likely fine-tuned their methods, making them more efficient and reliable overall. 

A company with fewer years of experience does not mean they are a bad option to consider. These companies often offer better price rates so they can earn your business. However, you should gather as much information on these younger companies to ensure they are still reliable. 


It’s no secret that most industrial products have increased in price over the last few years. These price increases have made it difficult for customers to stay within their budgets and avoid overspending. Therefore, you must research each supplier’s pricing to stay within budget comfortably. 

You’ll first need to figure out what your fiber optic needs are. Consider the amount and type you are interested in. Doing so will allow you to get realistic pricing. For example, are you in need of standard fiber optic cables that are suitable for indoors with minimal risk of damage or are you in need of an armored fiber optic cable that needs to withstand potential damage such as heavy weight, weather, water, or rodent bites? This will tell you which suppliers are even relevant for what your needs are.

Once you have a clear idea of your needs, you can contact each company for a quote. Most suppliers offer price quotes free of charge and will discuss the best options for you. 

After getting quotes from multiple suppliers, you can choose the option that best fits your budget. Some of these companies also offer competitive prices and will price match.


Warranty is another massive factor to consider when hiring a supplier. As previously mentioned, fiber optics are a complex product that can sometimes have issues. Repairing these issues can become expensive depending on the severity, labor, and parts needed. 

The warranty policy will cover these costs as the supplier will be responsible for all repairs. This policy will also cover any maintenance needed throughout the warranty. 

You should also consider the length of the warranty policy. Some suppliers only offer a warranty for a year, while others last for many years. Ask about extended warranty options if your supplier only provides a short-term warranty.  


As fiber optics are becoming more popular daily, companies struggle to keep up with the demand. Suppliers are often booked up with clients and their orders year-round. 

Therefore, you must book ahead of time for your fiber optic cable. Doing so will ensure you do not run into delays or overbooking issues. Always contact the company directly to inquire about their availability.

Choosing a Supplier of Fiber Optic Cable 

These tips for finding the best supplier of fiber optic cable will ensure you work with a reliable company. Remember to always research reviews and check pricing before making a final decision. 

Regardless of who you decide to work with, don’t forget to contact us today for any of your fiber optics needs. With our patented Stainless Steel Micro Armor fiber optic cables, we are able to service any job, with superior strength and adaptability to any environment when compared to the industry standard Aluminum Interlock Armor. Contact us at TiniFiber today!



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