12 Strand OS2 Cassete 6 Duplex LC Kit

This is a plug and play OS2 SingleMode fiber optic kit. Perfect to run between 2 racks or closets. MPO to LC cassettes module is designed to provide within a snap-in/snap-out panel and accommodate industry-standard LC connector adapter types. Proprietary cables routed into the module are easier to route and store within a housing.

Our SingleMode MPO cassettes with 12 LC adapters are manufactured with high density, space saving pre-terminated and tested MPO to LC break out cables designed for data centers, storage networks and local area networks with minimal training. They are used to interconnect MPO/MTP backbones with LC patch cords. Available in MultiMode OM1 (62.5/125), OM3 / OM4 (50/125), & SingleMode OS2 (9/125).

Included with purchase is one MPO-MPO Cable and 2 cassettes. These cassettes are standard LGX size and fit in many popular fiber rack mount panels and wall mount boxes. Please ask about any special configurations or other fiber solutions you may need.

  • Plug-and-play pre-terminated cassette comes with one 12 fiber MPO connector on the back and 6 duplex LC connectors on the front
  • Module Loss: LC- 0.2dB typical, 0.4dB Max; MPO- 0.5dB typical,   0.7dB Max
  • Use OS2 SingleMode 9/125µm Fiber
  • Pre-terminated & Tested
  • Size: 132.5 x 103.5mm
  • Housing: Metal
 Available Options

  • Custom-made with SC or ST connectors instead of LC
  • Jacket can be made in custom colors if the order is at least 2500 feet total

Additional information

Glass Type

# of Strands

Custom Lengths

25 Feet: MTF-OS2-25
50 Feet: MTF-OS2-50
75 Feet: MTF-OS2-75
100 Feet: MTF-OS2-100
150 Feet: MTF-OS2-150
200 Feet: MTF-OS2-200
250 Feet: MTF-OS2-250
350 Feet: MTF-OS2-350
500 Feet: MTF-OS2-500
750 Feet: MTF-OS2-750
1000 Feet: MTF-OS2-1000
1500 Feet: MTF-OS2-1500