TiniFiber Mini 12R+ Ribbon Fiber Fusion Splicer

The new TiniFiber Mini 12R+ can handle up to 12 ribbon fiber strands simultaneously.

It offers comprehensive touchscreen control and an innovative two-CCD camera system for high-accuracy fiber alignment. It is fully compatible with Splice-On Connector (SOC) technology and comes with a thermal stripper, precision cleaver, cleaning kit, and all the consumables needed to get up and running immediately.

The Smallest and the Lightest Ribbon Fiber Fusion Splicer

• Fast Splicing Time
• 15 sec with singlemode fiber
• 20 sec Heating time
• * 9 sec with continuous heating mode
• Comes with 2 Battery Packs
• Full Touch Screen
• MPO SOC Compatible and Includes Thermal Stripper and Precision Cleaver