TiniFiber Mini 6S+ Core Alignment Splicer with 6 motors

The TiniFiber 6S+ is the industry’s smallest core alignment fusion splicer. The six-motor design can splice up to six fibers at a time.

It offers comprehensive touchscreen control and an innovative two-CCD camera system for high-accuracy fiber alignment. It is fully compatible with Splice-On Connector (SOC) technology and comes with a thermal stripper, precision cleaver, cleaning kit, and all the consumables needed to get up and running immediately.

The Mini 6S+ measures 4.88 x 4.85 x 5.43 inches (124 x 123.2 x 138 mm) and weighs 3.4 lbs (1.54 kg). Typical splice loss ranges from 0.01 dB to 0.04 dB depending on cable type, and a ‘quick mode’ will deliver a single-mode splice time of just six seconds. Up to 90 splice programs and up to 32 heating programs can be configured by the user, and the splice memory accommodates up to 10,000 records and 2,000 splice images.

The Smallest and Most Rugged Core Alignment Splicer with 6 motors

• Fast Splicing Time
• 6 sec with singlemode fiber
• 10 sec heating time
• *6 sec with continuous heating mode
• Comes with 2 Battery Packs
• Full Touch Screen
• SOC Compatible and Includes Thermal Stripper and Precision Cleaver