Smart Choice Communications Works with TiniFiber® to Provide Superior Voice and Data Services to Clients

Micro Armor Fiber™ Provides Increased Flexibility While Significantly Decreasing Time and Costs for Cabling Projects

Smart Choice is an end-to-end telecommunications consulting and management company that provides a full range of innovative infrastructure design, voice and data solutions, and cabling and wiring services to its growing client roster. The company is currently undergoing rapid expansion into the healthcare and retail industries, and Chief Technology Officer Basil Stepanov is always on the lookout for new products and services to better serve the demanding technology needs of this customer segment.

Stepanov first encountered TiniFiber® while working on an extensive wiring job for a large television producer. “For this project, speed was of the essence,” remarked Stepanov. “When the client is constantly pushing large files under tight deadlines, it’s our job to make sure everything runs smoothly and with no hiccups. TiniFiber® helps us do just that.”

Micro Armor Fiber™ is tougher than other fiber without a doubt.Basil Stepanov

Since that first installation over a year ago, Smart Choice has continually scoped out TiniFiber® for a wide variety of projects and is working towards making Micro Armor Fiber™ the new standard for all cabling jobs going forward.

“Micro Armor Fiber™ is tougher than other fiber without a doubt,” says Stepanov. “It provides maximum flexibility and gives us much more versatility, allowing us to work in large buildings and get around bends without worrying about cracking or breaking.”

During some fiber-optic installations there is a need to provide extra protection for the cable due to the installation environment. That environment may be underground or in buildings with congested pathways. Installing an armored fiber-optic cable in these scenarios provides extra protection for the optical fiber and added reliability for the network, lessening the risk of downtime and cable damage due to rodents, construction work, weight of other cables and other factors.

“We’ve done a lot of installs in large stadiums and schools, and inevitably the client always requests changes a year or more later,” says Stepanov. “When you’re using standard fiber and moving it at an angle, it could potentially break and cost the client tens of thousands of dollars. Bottom line: when fiber breaks in a 100-story building, it’s a huge expensive disaster.”

Working with TiniFiber® has helped Smart Choice save their clients significant time and financial resources. Measuring 65% lighter in weight and 75% smaller in size than popular Aluminum Interlocking Armor (AIA) fiber optic cables, Micro Armor Fiber™ translates into more versatility, lower shipping and installation costs, and decreased manpower hours to complete projects.

“When scoping out new technology, the most important thing we look for is how it can help our clients,” Stepanov added. “With TiniFiber®, it was a no-brainer.”