Here, you can read about the experiences and successes of our clients who have used TiniFiber’s innovative armored fiber optic cables. Discover firsthand how our products have made a significant impact across various industries, providing superior durability, flexibility, and ease of installation.

“A medical sterilization facility requires redundant fiber. The specifications call for plenum OS2 fiber to the three IDFs and indoor/outdoor OS2 plenum interlocking armored fiber to a remote building. TiniFiber met their requirements, and also added an extra layer of protection inside both buildings.”

“Doctors Hospital in Edinburg, Texas, successfully expanded their fiber network using TiniFiber’s 24 strand OS2 I/O fiber. Network Manager Gabriel Robledo praised TiniFiber for saving space, time, and labor, completing the project in one-third the scheduled time.”

“A healthcare network in Oregon and southwest Washington adopted TiniFiber for its small diameter, flexible installation, and ease of termination. The initial installation of TiniFiber’s single mode 4 fiber product successfully connected two administration LAN networks, overcoming space constraints.

“A condo project deployed TiniFiber within a limited budget and an older building. Running 750 feet of cable through a shared conduit with multiple 90-degree bends, the installation was completed ahead of schedule. The product’s efficiency and durability exceeded expectations.”

CompanyCable Solutions Inc.
Cable Solutions Inc.

Your product has been indispensable in our renovation projects this year. The cost savings not only helped us win another project recently but also allowed us to present a viable solution to the customer, strengthening our working relationship.

This building is a medical sterilization facility that requires redundant fiber. The specifications call for plenum OS2 fiber to the three IDFs and indoor/outdoor OS2 plenum interlocking armored fiber to a remote building. Not only did TiniFiber meet their requirements, but it also added an additional layer of protection inside both buildings, not just the one.

We completed an installation using TiniFiber at the Omni Tucson National Resort. This was a casita renovation, and fiber was installed in 13 independent units. When we pulled the 96-strand from the main hotel, we had the fiber coiled outside the manhole with cones and caution tape. A water truck decided to ignore the marked-off area and ran over all the fiber. To our amazement, and according to test results, nothing happened to the fiber.

We installed a Wilson Pro cell booster system in two schools for the Amphitheater School District. All pathways were existing, so there was no room in the existing conduits; however, the size of the fiber made it possible to go from building to building at both campuses.

The City of Tucson had an amazing upgrade at the Tucson Convention Center. They installed new LED walls throughout the campus, interactive kiosks, a wireless access point upgrade, and a new system called Rypplzz that creates real-time 3D mapping of the campus on your mobile device. With all these new systems, new IDFs were added to the existing campus. It was not easy, but the size of the 6-strand fiber made it possible to fit in places a typical armored cable wouldn’t, and being able to pull your fiber with the Cat6A cable at the same time saved us labor hours.

InstallationDoctors Hospital at Renaissance
SegmentHealth Care
Doctors Hospital at Renaissance
Health Care

Doctors Hospital, located in Edinburg, Texas, is the largest physician owned hospital in the country. Encountering the need to extend the reach of their existing fiber network, the plan was to run a fiber ring around the DHR campus. Since the conduits were already partially full and the fact that the hospital had a total of 20 buildings to get fiber to, this could have been a difficult situation.  Pulling conventional AIA fiber through those existing conduits was sure to be problematic.  The answer to the impending obstacle was simple . . . utilize TiniFiber!   

Gabriel Robledo, Network and Communications Manager with DHR, aptly compared pulling the TiniFiber 24 strand OS2 I/O fiber to that of pulling in a Cat-6 cable. Robledo stated, “We do all our own installations and TiniFiber not only saved us space in our conduit system, it also saved us time and labor.” Robledo continued, “I scheduled three weeks to pull in the new fiber and my team finished pulling all the fiber in one week.” Robledo and his team marveled at the size of the spools which is much smaller and easier to move around. This was especially appreciated while working in the hospital environment. Robledo went on to say, “From the moment the technicians placed the fiber inside the conduit, they were amazed at the small diameter and flexibility of the 24-strand fiber.  This made things easy for them to pull over sensitive areas of the hospital.  I would definitely recommend TiniFiber for any application; be it a health care facility, office/campus LAN, etc.”

InstallationUniversity Admin. Building (s)
University Admin. Building (s)

This customer operates system of hospitals and clinics across Oregon and southwest Washington. They are an institution of higher learning, with schools of medicine, nursing, pharmacy, dentistry and public health – and with a network of campuses and partners throughout Oregon.

Tinifiber was first considered as their primary fiber backbone product specification initially because of its small OD, flexible installation characteristics and ease of termination for armored applications. After initially installed and reviewed, all the above benefits were confirmed, and the product was immediately added to the campus wide specification. This installation connected two administration LAN networks utilizing our single mode 4 fiber product. Because of congested and pathway space, TiniFiber was a superior solution that met all the installation challenges. Moving forward, we will be the preferred manufacture for several new and existing facility projects for 2024 and beyond.

CompanyFiberguy Inc.
Fiberguy Inc.

We’re excited to share the success story of commissioning a group of condos where we deployed TiniFiber. Despite working within a limited budget and dealing with the challenges of an older residential condo in an established rental property, the project exceeded expectations.

Our strategy involved running the cable through a shared ¾ inch conduit from the Mechanical Penthouse on the 9th floor down to the underground P2 parking garage, covering approximately 750 feet. Despite encountering numerous 90-degree elbows along the way, we managed to complete the rough-in with remarkable efficiency, even for armored fiber. Extensive use of lubrication ensured smooth handling throughout.

Surpassing our initial timeline expectations, we finished the installation a week ahead of schedule, without encountering any issues such as stretching or kinking. Despite the weight of the 1500-foot reel, it was manageable and facilitated easy handling.

During the installation process, TiniFiber proved to be exceptionally user-friendly, effortlessly running off the spool with minimal effort. Its resistance to dirt accumulation and jacket abrasion, even during strenuous pulls like these, was notably impressive.