The TiniFiber Team

Management Team

Image 1 Christian Peterson,
Image 1 Blair Charles,
Vice President, Sales
Image 1 Andrew Cohee,
General Manager
Image 1Tom Brown, VP of
Business Development
Image 1 Robert Cochrane,
Director of
Broadband & Wireless
Image 1 Alain de Wolff,
Managing Director
for Global Sales
and Business

Sales Team

Image 1 Stuart Rowland,
Regional Sales
Manager (West)
Image 1 Gary Moore,
Regional Sales
Manager (Central)
Image 1 Corey Shrefler,
Regional Sales
Manager (NE and
Image 1 Kevin O’Leary,
Regional Sales
Manager (SE)
Image 1 Joe Calisto,
Manager (NE &
Image 1 Frank Bellantoni, Sales
Associate (West)
Image 1 Justin Aragones, Sales
Associate (Central)
Image 1 Barbara Pashkoff, Sales Associate (SE)