Introducing “All in One” Power/Fiber Micro Armor Cable for Security Camera Solutions

Nov 10, 2015

TiniFiber® by CertiCable was awarded the U.S. Patent for the Armored Flexible Fiber Optic Cable 11/10/2015.

CertiCable Inc., the parent company to TiniFiber® has announced today that the U.S. Patent Office has awarded U.S. Patent No. 9,182,562 B2 for the stainless steel Micro Armor Fiber™ developed to protect the fragile fiberglass within the cable jacket.

“Our Micro Armor Fiber™ stainless steel concept was conceived back in 2011 and we are pleased that the U.S. Patent Office recognizes the invention as groundbreaking and will change the armored fiber optic industry,” stated Christian A. Peterson III, co-founder and partner for TiniFiber® product line. Peterson continues, “We’re focused on providing best-in-class armored fiber optic solutions to meet the needs of large enterprises, IT, communications, telco, CATV, Pro AV, CEDIA, security and government agencies that are seeking a quality fiber optic cable for both indoor and outdoor usage.”

Barry Skolnick, co-founder and partner of TiniFiber®, states “The TiniFiber’s revolutionary development of Micro Armor Fiber™ addresses both the armor and non-armor cable markets in a single solution.” This is accomplished by the proprietary “Micro Armor Machinery” designed to tightly wind the stainless steel tubular coil around the fiber strands. This in turn provides the smallest Outer Diameter (OD) of any armored fiber cable on the market as well as the same OD for current non-armored fiber cables.

The solution offers considerable advantages over the conventional Aluminum Interlocking Armor (AIA) widely used today. TiniFiber® Micro Armor Fiber™ Optic Cable does not increase the size of the outer diameter (OD) of the basic fiber optic cable.