TiniFiber Warranty (2020)

Warranty Terms and Conditions

TiniFiber® warrants to the owner of the installation ( ) that subject to the terms, conditions and limitations
stated in the contract, TiniFiber® shall at its sole options for claims made during the Warranty Term (described
herein), repair or deliver replacements for any covered TiniFiber® products installed by a TiniFiber® Certified
Installer (TCI). Warranty claim shall not exceed the original value of the covered TiniFiber® product on which a
valid warranty claim is placed. TiniFiber® warranties and obligations stated herein are exclusive and no other
express or implied warranties extend beyond this contract.
TiniFiber® published specifications as well as those specified or described within most current revisions of
ANSI/TIA 568.3-D, ANSI/TIA 569, TIA 942, ISO/IEC 11801-1, and the National Electrical Code, for as long as the
initial end user to whom this warranty is issued occupies the location(s) wherein the products were originally
installed. Warranty is not transferable without prior written consent and approval from TiniFiber®. TiniFiber®
will support all current and future applications designed for transmission over a fiber optic cabling link or channel
system as defined in the above referenced standards in effect at the time of the installation. Warranty will apply
for a period of twenty-five (25) years commencing on the date of the completed installation by a certified active
member of TiniFiber® Certified Installer (TCI) Program.

25- Year Limited Warranty Definition

Fiber optic telecommunications systems have a lifetime definition of twenty-five (25) years after the initial
installation of the passive fiber optic components. This lifetime is based on the workmanship and the material
composition of the products.

Conditions for Application of the 25-Year Limited Warranty
For the TiniFiber® 25-Year Limited Warranty to be valid, the following must apply:

  •  An active TCI must install the system in accordance with the methods and techniques as described within
    the current edition of the BICSI Telecommunications Distribution Methods Manual (TDMM) and the
    most current TCI installation practices manual in effect at the time of installation.
  • Installation must comply with all applicable sections of ANSI/TIA 568.3-D, ANSI/TIA 569 and/or ISO/IEC
    11801-1 and the National Electrical Code or current editions of referenced standards at the time of
  • The system must be certified by the TCI in accordance with the above-mentioned technical standards
    and codes and have been registered with TiniFiber® prior to installation by providing the information
    requested in Exhibit A – Project Registration form.
  • Within sixty (60) days of fully completed installation, the TCI must provide clearly marked and labeled
    “as built” drawings (digital format is preferred) of the installation and all test data utilizing an approved
    fiber optic tester or OTDR, to TiniFiber®; all test data must be provided in both PDF, and the native format of
    the approved fiber optic tester or OTDR utilized; the TCI must validate by authorized signature all
    documents and submit to TiniFiber®.
  • If approved, TiniFiber® will issue an End-User warranty certificate and warranty number; a warranty
    number must be issued to activate the extended warranty.
  • An active TCI member must perform all system moves, additions and/or changes (MAC).
  • Updated test results must be submitted within sixty (60) days of completion of MAC work for the
    warranty to remain in effect and reflect new system changes. MAC work does NOT extend the initial
    warranty period.
  • All installation records must be current, reflecting any moves, additions and/or changes.
  • All warranty claims must be submitted within thirty (30) days of discovery.
  • End user must comply with all terms and conditions of the extended warranty.
    TiniFiber® will not issue nor have any obligation for extended warranty until all invoices related to the applicable
    products have been paid in full.
    Exclusions for 25-Year Limited Warranty
    This warranty does not include or apply to:
  • Products not specifically approved or designated by TiniFiber® or equivalent manufacturer; installer
    must specify whose connectivity will be utilized in this specific installation.
  • Products shall not include active components, software products, test equipment, or tool kits.
  • Warranty does not include any obligation to remove or install any products or pay for any labor or other
    associated charges.
  • If utilizing products other than TiniFiber® connectivity, the contractor must be certified by that approved
    manufacturer at least sixty (60) days prior to commencement of the installation and must provide
    certification documents to TiniFiber®.
    Upon completion of installation, required documentation must be submitted prior to warranty acceptance and
    determination of eligibility for system link/channel warranty coverage; fusion splicer and test equipment;
    products not supplied directly by TiniFiber® or through distribution channels approved by TiniFiber®; defects
    resulting from moves, adds and/or changes performed by installers not registered as a TCI; defects occurring from non-compliant or improper system design, installation, use, repair or any systems changes, misuse, neglect, abuse, natural disaster, malfunction of other products, or accident.

TiniFiber® Right of Inspection
As part of the TiniFiber® commitment to provide quality installation of the products subject to this warranty,
TiniFiber® reserves the right to visually inspect any and all work performed by the TCI for the full term of the
warranty. This inspection may include, but is not limited to, verification of test results, confirmation of cable
lengths, and any other tests or inspections TiniFiber® deems necessary.

Warranty Holder’s Exclusive Remedy
For products not in compliance with this warranty, the Warranty Holder’s exclusive remedy is repair or
replacement of the affected products at TiniFiber® sole discretion.

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TiniFiber WARRANTY 2020