Why TiniFiber®

TiniFiber® Micro Armor Fiber™ Optic Cable – One solution for all projects including Big Data, AI and 5G

Success Stories

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The TiniFiber® Value Proposition

 With its patented, tightly-wrapped stainless steel coil combined with Kevlar®, TiniFiber® Micro Armor Fiber™ Optic Cable provides unrivalled strength and resilience. Its unmatched armored bend radius delivers superior flexibility. Reliable, scalable and sustainable, TiniFiber® can meet the demands of even the most challenging applications. Jackets are available for riser, plenum, indoor, outdoor, LSZH, direct burial, industrial and harsh environments. TiniFiber® patch cords can be adapted to accommodate all lengths for standard or custom projects.

TiniFiber® Micro Armor Fiber™ Optic Cable has given the industry what it has long sought – an armored fiber optic cable solution with a smaller outer diameter (OD) that is also highly durable, flexible and adaptable to deliver seamless, sustainable end-to-end value:


  • Smaller size (65% smaller than AIA)
  • Lighter (75% lighter than AIA)
  • Durable (stronger and more crushproof)
  • Flexible (tubular coil for superior flexibility and armored bend radius)
  • Adaptable (500% increase in pathway capacity, versatile for any project or pathway)
  • Fast, Easy Installations (through small core holes, tight pathways, risers, bends, etc.)
  • Big Savings (lower labor, shipping and warehousing costs)
  • For All Commercial, Industrial, Government, Residential Applications – From A/V, Broadband and DAS, to Data Centers, FTTH, Security and Transportation


65% Smaller


75% Lighter


100% Crushproof


500% More Adaptable

Tinifiber® vs Aluminum Interlocking Armor (AIA)

(Based on 300 Ft.)

TiniFiber OS2-12 Core Micro Armor Fiber
Fiber Count: 12 • Diameter 5.5 mm • Weight: 45 lbs

Competitor’s 12 Core Armored Fiber
Fiber Count: 12 • Diameter 13.95 mm • Weight: 206 lbs

TiniFiber Applications

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The full line of TiniFiber® Micro Armor Fiber™ Optic Cable is available through our nationwide network of Manufacturer’s Representatives.